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  • Basics of Learning Golf

    Build your golf game from its smallest swings into the full-swings from one of only 6 PGA Master Professionals of Player Development in the Minnesota PGA. Learn how to practice effectively, learn the shortcuts to improvement, gain consistency, and MOST importantly, have FUN while learning! These classes will build your golf game from the smallest swing to the full-swing. The goal is to provide a “pressure-free, embarrassment-free and judgment-free learning environment” Don't have golf clubs? We will have both left and right-handed, men’s and women’s clubs available if needed. Make Up / Rain Day: May 28
  • Chair Yoga

    A modified form of yoga, using exercise principles of traditional yoga to increase participant's health and fitness by replacing a floor mat with a chair. Find mobility in a gentle, supportive way that is very beneficial. Chair Yoga will improve your flexibility, concentration, and strength, while boosting your mood, reducing stress and decreasing joint pain.
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  • Lynch Pickleball Camp

    You’ll love pickleball! America’s fastest growing sport is fun and easy to learn. It’s played on a shortened tennis court with a paddle and plastic balls and combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. Come and meet new people or bring a friend. Led by an experienced professional. Wear court shoes and bring Water bottle and pickleball paddle. We will have a few paddles for use. Beginner Pickleball: You’ll learn the rules, scoring and how to play with fun lessons and drills. We’ll match you up with a partner of like ability to practice the various skills and to play a match in a low key fun environment. Intermediate Beginner Pickleball: This class is for the person who has taken a beginner class and is ready to take their game to the next level. Improve your skills and meet new people of like ability. We’ll start with a warm up and then get things rolling with some fun drills, games and competition. No need to bring a partner as everyone will rotate around. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing and bring a paddle and a water bottle.
  • Nordic Pole Walking

    Do you already walk for enjoyment or exercise? Nordic Pole Walking will turn a simple walk into a full body workout with feeling like you are working any harder! This style of walking will increase your heart rate and create resistance to build better bone density while working your upper body as well as your legs. It uses specially designed poles-not to be confused with trekking poles - to enhance your natural walking experience. Burn more calories, improve your posture and gait. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. Poles provided by the instructor. NOTE FOR THE APRIL CLASS If the weather is: Crummy, meet at the North Camus Field House, 5040 Bald Eagle Ave, WBL Nice and the snow has melted meet your instructor, at the Memorial Beach Park, 4980 Lake Ave, WBL in the parking lot. We will send an email confirming which location.
  • Soma Yoga (Online)

    The practice of Soma Yoga helps re-educate muscles to release tension and create freer mobility. The class emphasizes moving from within our bodies using breath practice and meditation to calm minds and spirits and gain strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. This class is a multi-age class for all yoga skill levels.
  • Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise discipline that utilizes a series of slow, graceful, low impact body movements, and specialized breathing techniques, to improve balance, health, and relaxation. Come see for yourself how Tai Chi can enhance your fitness, increase your sense of tranquility, and elevate you to new levels of vitality and well being.
  • Women's Self-Defense Seminar

    This women's self-defense seminar will help you acquire the strategies and skills sets necessary to protect yourself from attack situations which are common and unique to females. Learn preemptive tactics, escape maneuvers, verbal interventions, physical techniques, and the effective use of self-defense devices, in order to quickly, and successfully, end a potentially dangerous encounter or assault. A strong emphasis will also be placed on empowering the mind, which is of paramount importance in prevailing in an attack. Come see for yourself how this seminar will give you the supreme confidence and extraordinary power to face any threatening situation. Ages 13-15 must be accompanied by a registered adult, Ages 16-17 with an adult (female or male) who stays to observe.
  • Yoga - Whole Body Vinyasa

    Whole Body Vinyasa is designed to increase both your strength and flexibility and is suitable for all ages and body types. The breath is incorporated into each exercise and is designed to relieve stress and anxiety. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Each pose will be described in detail for beginners as well as modifications offered for more advanced students. Improve the health of your body, mind and soul through yoga! $15 drops are welcomed! To register for a drop in class look for the course number that ends in Drop In. Example: Drop in