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  • Classic Roman Italian Dinner

    During this special dinner we will prepare a marinated shredded salad, fresh melon wrapped with prosciutto ham, the classic spaghetti with pancetta bacon and parmigiano cheese (Spaghetti alla Carbonara), a salad featuring mixed greens (Insalata Mista), polenta served with sweet sausages and porcini mushrooms. Concluding the meal will a classical frothy Zabaglione and Amaretti (almond) cookies.There is a $15 materials/food fee due to the instructor at class.
  • Create Your Own Pasties

    If you’re a Ranger or a Yooper, you probably have decided opinions on how a proper pasty should be made. If you’re simply a local cook who enjoys pasties when you can find good ones, this class is for you, too. Join Jan for an evening of pasty making. You’ll prepare a memorable butter or butter/lard crust as well as the succulent, homey fillings that go inside it. You’ll bake small pasties so they can be completed in the time we have for class. Bring a small cardboard box for carrying home your treasures or eat them on the spot! Extensive handout provided.There is a $15 materials/food fee due to the instructor at class.
  • Explore Twin Cities Community Markets

    Our metro area’s rich diversity can be found in its community grocery stores, where you’ll find fresh vegetables, pantry staples and condiments, mouth–watering meats, and memorable takeout foods. Your instructor will act as you tour guide and provide you with recipes for the new fun foods you will be learning about!IMPORTANT NOTES: Transportation between locations is on your own.  Bring an insulated container for safely carrying your perishable purchases. A week before class, an itinerary with addresses of the markets you will be visiting will be emailed out to all participants. PLEASE INCLUDE EMAIL WHEN REGISTERING or a mailing address if you do not have email.
  • Fearless Electric Pressure Cooking

    The Instant Pot and other multi-cookers produce a tender roast in 7% of the time a slow cooker does. Learn what cooks well in electric pressure cookers and what you should avoid, including certain meats and vegetables. You’ll cook a variety of dishes that highlight multi-cookers’ strengths and avoid their weaknesses.  Bring your own electric pressure cooker with its instruction book. Several will be available in class if you don’t have one of your own. Extensive handout provided. Also bring in containers for any leftovers!There is a $15 materials/food fee due to the instructor at class.
  • Four Famous Cookies

    Learn how to bake Krumkakes, the delicious and rich rolled Norwegian cookie, Italian Pizzelles, crisp and light anise or vanilla flavored cookies, almond Swedish Sandbakkelse, cookies cooked in tiny tins to resemble tarts, and Rosettes, paper thin Scandinavian delicacies dusted with confectioners’ sugar. Expect great recipes plus the many tips and techniques that will make your baking a success! Please bring containers to bring your creations safely home.There is a $13 materials/food fee due to the instructor at class.
  • Marmalade, the Adult Jam!

    If you haven’t tasted marmalade since you were a child and rejected it because of its bitterness, now is the time to try it again! Marmalades are the distillation of citrus flavors. They make wonderful holiday gifts, as well as a comforting and cherished presence on your own breakfast table. Join us for an evening of marmalade making. You’ll find a choice of citrus fruits to use and come away from class with 2 1/4-pint jars and enough experience to explore the wonderful range of marmalade's on your own. Extensive handout provided. There is a $15 materials/food fee due to the instructor at class.