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  • Breakfast & Brunch

    Do you like to prepare special family morning feasts or are you entertaining and need a spectacular brunch? Learn how to master the art of breakfast/brunch easily.  We'll provide tips and techniques for a perfect meal from cheese souffle' using ham, easy Eggs Benedict casserole, cheese strata (crunch bread cubes in a cheesy casserole), Italian fritatta with zucchini, a Japanese-style puffy pancake traditionally served whit lemon and confectioner's sugar, quiche Lorraine and the Greek spanakopeta.  The morning will be rounded out with accompaniments which include a biscotti-like anise toast, crunchy brand-corn bread, traditional cream scones, quick 'dropped biscuit scone muffins', and a beautiful pineapple boat filled with fresh fruits. And to drink, a strawberry fruit smoothie plus the recipe for fresh tangerine or orange mimosas. There is a $11 material/food fee due to the instructor the night of class.
  • Greek Dinner

    Join us in preparing a sumptuous feast including the national soup, Soupa Avgolemona, a lemon flavored chicken soup. The menu is rounded out with a flaming cheese appetizer, Saganaki, plus an eggplant appetizer. Zucchini with ground lamb, Moussaka, is a wonderful variation from the better known eggplant dish. You will also master spinach rolls in fillo, Spanokopeta, and walnut cake with orange syrup, Karidopita.  If we have a large class we will be making more wonderful dishes! There is a $13 material/food fee due to the instructor the night of class.
  • Phyllo Pastries - Appetizers, Main Dishes, Desserts

    Did you know you could do much with phyllo? Don't be terrified any longer of this paper-thin, frozen pastry. we will prepare an assortment of appetizers, main dishes and deserts all made with this amazing pastry dough. We will begin by preparing phyllo kisses, a fast, 5-minute appetizer. Then hot, puffy, feta cheese triangles create a party atmosphere. And they can be made in advance, then frozen to be baked as guests arrive!Main dishes can use chicken and a vegetable highlight, such as fresh broccoli with a cheese sauce, rolled in this golden, crisp pastry. Of course, no class on phyllo would be complete with out Baklava, loaded with nuts and saturated with honey syrup!  After this evening, you will have conquered your fear plus you will receive an easy tip sheet to create perfect results every time for other phyllo recipes.There is a $13 material/food fee due to the instructor the night of class.