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  • A System for Life's Transitions

    Give yourself and those closest to you the gift of peace of mind. Be ready for the inevitable transitions in your life by having all your important records, papers and financial data organized and accessible. Learn to use the "Ready or Not" system which helps you not only identify your assets and liabilities, but also basic needs such as med.'s, medical records, passwords and end of life requests. It will help you uncover any missing pieces in your life plan.There is a $20 materials fee for the workbook due the night of class.
  • Basic Home Repair: Electrical

    Attend this is a “hands-on” class for the electrical beginner. Learn how to wire single pole, 3-way switches, outlets and light fixture, then test the circuit. We will review procedures to rewire a lamp and discuss different types of energy efficient light bulbs. Please bring a wire stripper, screwdrivers and long-nose pliers to class if you have them. There is a $5 material fee for the Cost for Step by Step Guidebook to Home Wiring due to the instructor at the class.
  • Basic Home Repair: Plumbing

    Learn to repair minor plumbing problems, fixing leaky faucet or replace fixtures. You will take apart different types of faucets, replace pop-up drain assembly, and discuss the internal working parts of a toilet. You will be able to cut and glue plastic pipe, solder copper pipe and fittings and install push-on type fittings. There is a $5 material fee for a workbook: Step by Step Home Plumbing Guidebook cue to the instructor the day of class.
  • Pet First Aid/CPR

    Canine companions depend on their humans to take care of them and it’s always good to be prepared for an emergency before one arises. You’ll learn about common injuries in dogs and how to provide quick and easy first aid. You’ll also receive hands-on experience performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on dogs. This class is for humans only. No dogs will be harmed during this class - stuffed animals will be used for demonstration and practice.