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  • Appetizers

    We will learn how to make a wide range of appetizers such as:  Shrimp with lemon butter Lemon curd - a sweet custard you can put on anything Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables and cheese Salmon wrapped in puff pastry  Tempura battered vegetables There is a $5 materials fee due to the instructor the night of class.
  • Greek Dinner

    Join us in preparing a sumptuous feast including the national soup Soupa Avgolemona, a lemon flavored chicken soup. The menus is rounded out with a flamingcheese appetizer (Saganaki) plus an eggplant appetizer. Zucchini with ground lamb (Moussaka) is a wonderful variation from the better known eggplant dish. You will also mstert spinach rolls in fillo (Spanokopeta) and walnut cake with orange syrup (Karidopita). Expect more menu item if the class is large.