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  • Beginning Soap Making

    Make your own crafted soaps, and get exactly what you want! You will learn how to use a slow cooker (supplied) for hot process soap-making. At the end of class, you will have a handmade batch of 6-8 bars of soap, which you can use the next day! For the December class, we will be making holiday scented soaps!Bring a container to pour/mold soap (e.g. clean, empty milk cartons, bread pans, and plastic food containers. Materials fee of $15 payable to the instructor in class.   
  • Bob Ross Oil Painting Class

    Do you have no experience painting? Don't want to paint or can't even draw a stick man. If you are one of the “anti-artist” types, you will have the most fun and be the most amazed! When your painting turns out really nice, (as I am sure it will) you may want to paint more paintings similar to your original masterpiece. If you are an experienced artist, welcome. There is always much to learn. The “Joy of Painting” may be the highlight of your year! The painting will be in oil which is quite easy to work with. I will supply all the materials that you will need including paints, 16X20 inch canvas and painting supplies. Your painting will be ready for you to frame and put on your wall at home when you finish. The Oil painting will take 2 weeks to dry but can still be put into the frame of your choice and hung immediately on your favorite wall.  All supplies will be provided. Wear painting appropriate clothing and bring a bag lunch.          Sunrise Cabin, Sep 12 Class               Red Trees, Nov 21 Class
  • Congratulations, you've written a book. Now what?

    A revolution is taking place in the publishing industry and the traditional gatekeepers are no longer in control. Authors are now able to produce a professional quality book for fewer out-of-pocket expenses, and take advantage of new ways to sell their books to a worldwide audience. A 10-page how-to and resource guide will be available.
  • DIY Industrial Pipe Shelf

    Make it and take it in this do-it-yourself class! The shelf measures approximately 30 inches high and 24 inches wide with 11 inch clearance between shelves. We provide the materials and instruction while you get to enjoy some quality time crafting and socializing with others! Choose your stain colors to make this shelf uniquely yours! No experiences is necessary as you will be guided by skilled instructors. You are guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished with a professional looking industrial self to hang in your house when you're done!
  • DIY Wood Sign Class

    Create a personalized wood sign at our studio. Grab some friends, BYOB and enjoy some quality time crafting and using power tools! Choose your design, stain, and paint colors to make the sign uniquely yours! Most of our signs measure 14 by 24 inches. This class is perfect for both experienced crafters and newbies. Have fun and socialize with others. No experiences is necessary as you will be guided by skilled instructors. You are guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished with a professional looking piece of decor to show off when you're done!Visit the following link to see the list of projects available to you: Project Gallery.  You will choose a project when of these when registering.
  • DIY Wood Signs by Seniors

    Create personalized wood wall decor in this 3 series class. You will make a U.S. Flag sign, a MN state sign, and a White Bear Lake Sign. Each sign measures 5.5 by 5.5 inches. Enjoy some quality time crafting and socializing with others! Choose your stain and paint colors to make the signs uniquely yours! No experiences is necessary as you will be guided by skilled instructors. You are guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished with professional looking pieces of decor to show off when you're done! Great to decorate your home or to give as gifts!
  • Farmer's Market Basket Weaving Class

    This class will include the materials and instruction to teach you to weave a Farmer's Market Basket. The Farmer’s Market Basket is one of the most traditional and useful baskets in past and present daily life. The unstained finished project will measure 10 ½” x 16 ½” with 6 ½” tall sides.   
  • How to write, publish and sell your ebook

    The ebook phenomenon is good news for authors. Ebooks are easier to produce and can be more profitable than print books. Authors are able to publish their work, make it visible to a worldwide audience, and attract the attention of an agent or traditional publisher. A 10-page how-to guide will be available to take home.
  • Mosaic Welcome Sign or Wall Mirror

    Now is the time to learn an easy, ancient art form and check it off your Bucket List!Create a beautiful WELCOME SIGN or a WALL MIRROR with glass tiles! Both projects give you enough surface space to be creative but not become overwhelming. The instructor will provide pre-cut glass, patterns, font selections, and everything else you need to complete your original art work. The second night of class, dress for a mess as we will be watching the 'grout magic' bring your artwork to life! After we grout your project we will further discuss supplies, resources, glass cutting and using dishware to mosaic.Materials Fee due the night to class: Welcome Sign:  $11 - $28 depending on size you choose Wall Mirror: $27 The mirror is a 16 inches with a round mirror and the welcome sign comes in a variety of sizes that will be available. Bring to class old towels and a jar with a lid.
  • Organize Your Photos - Digital and Print

    Having organized photos assures peace of mind. Learn about a system to once and for all get every printed photo, digital photo and your memorabilia organized. Learn about scanning for slides, movies, prints.... backing up, cloud storage & scanners. We will also demonstrate easy ways to repair old photos. You'll leave with a plan for a system that allows you to access every photo you own in literally seconds! 
  • Wine Bottle Wind Chimes/Suncatcher

    What do you get when you combine wine bottles and sprinkling beads? You get a beautiful, colorful sun-catcher with beads "tinkling" a tune in the gentle breeze. This is an easy creative project that will delight your senses all year long, indoors and outdoors. This makes a wonderful and unique hand made gift.All supplies you will need to create your own sun-catcher/wind chimes will be provided when you pay a $20 materials fee. A large variety of bead will be made available for you.