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  • Accumulation Strategies for Retirement

    Have you ever wondered if you are saving correctly for retirement? If you are being tax efficient? Join us to learn about different strategies and vehicles you can utilize to put yourself in the best possible position for retirement.
  • The New Reality of Retirement

    Many of the common strategies for retirement utilized by your parents have become outdated and may no longer apply to those looking to retire today. This class determines the old retirement paradigms and then educates you on the strategies of today as you prepare for The New Reality of Retirement. You'll learn how to insulate yourself from risks like rising taxes, protect your Social Security from reduction and taxation, and avoid common pitfalls through the distribution of your assets in retirement. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to develop a personalized strategy as you face the difficulties of retiring in an increasingly complex world. You will learn how to:  Determine if you have enough money for retirement Maximize retirement cash flow with the various types of accounts Avoid the pitfalls of planning your distributions in retirement Assess the benefits of Roth conversions  Determine if your retirement assets are in fact, diversified Protect your assets against market loss during retirement Guard your assets in an environment with rising taxes Maximize Social Security strategies Reduce inefficiencies, expenses, and delays with your estate