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  • An American Love Affair: Cars of the 1950’s (Online)

    What is your favorite Classic Car? Our instructor’s favorite is the 1957 Chevy Belair! Growing up watching “Happy Days”, and having parents take him and his siblings to car shows started a lifelong love affair with cars and trucks, especially from the 1950’s. World War II was over, manufacturing went back to normal; and the economy was starting to blossom. Highways were becoming a thing that allowed people to travel the country; and vehicle production really took an amazing turn in the 1950’s. We’ll take a look at the details that made these cars so special.
  • Armchair Travels: The Mighty Five (Online)

    Did you know that Utah is home to five National Parks? Not only that but they also have amazing State Parks, National Monuments, and Recreation Areas! Join our instructor as he highlights his images from a recent summer road trip. Learn about the Mighty Five plus some other bonus information. This is a great time to plan your road trip for next summer.
  • Introduction to Podcasts (online)

    Have you heard about Podcasts and would like to learn more? In this class we will learn all about how to listen to these digital audio shows online, select your favorite topics and even learn about any subject. You'll see how Podcasts are now one of the most popular tools for learning and personal growth, as well as fun form of entertainment! No prior experience required. Learn how to download a Podcast app, understand the different categories to choose from, how to subscribe to a Podcast you enjoy and how to listen to them while in your home, car, or out for a walk.
  • So It's Time to Start Downsizing

    At some point you will have to make a decision about leaving your home and downsizing. Whether the kids have all moved out or you find your house is just too big to upkeep we can help you start. Learn strategies on how and where to begin the process of decluttering, dealing with your stuff, getting your current home ready for sale, and you into a new home that will meet your needs into the future.