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  • Abdominal Strengtheners That Won’t Make You Get On The Floor (Online)

    Abdominal muscles weaken and lose shape due to past pregnancies, surgeries, sitting at a desk all day, being sedentary and poor posture. Learn a series of extremely effective exercises to quickly strengthen all four layers of abdominal, WITHOUT stressing back or neck joints and WITHOUT getting on the floor. Common abdominal exercises like crunches can place too much stress on back and neck joints.
  • Creating Balance

    Finding balance in all areas is an essential part of life - and that includes keeping physical balance. Unlike typical fall prevention programs that focus on balance exercises and removing fall hazards from the home, this workshop focuses on exercises for whole-body health that simultaneously improve balance and stability. Develop techniques to regain balance that can be easily added into everyday life without taking time away from a busy schedule.
  • Is Your Waistband Too Tight Today? 6 Strategies To Win The Battle Of A Bulging Belly (Online)

    Have you ever found that in the morning your pants fit fine but by mid-afternoon, the waistband squeezes you like a tourniquet? Or that no matter how many crunches you do, your stomach still hangs out? Getting rid of a potbelly is much more than just doing abdominal exercises. In this workshop, you will learn the main causes and 6 strategies for getting rid of belly bloat. We will do a few exercises designed to strengthen the deepest layer of abdominal muscle - the layer that is responsible for flattening your stomach, shaping your waistline and supporting your lower back. And we will do this without getting on the floor.
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  • Mindfulness: The Art of the Present Moment (ONLINE)

    Mindfulness practice teaches us how to come out of the stories in our heads to live in the real world here and now. This ancient method of self-understanding and self-management is used widely for handling pain and stress, habit control, insomnia, and dealing with painful emotions and disturbing thoughts. This practice is the foundation for pain and stress management clinics around the world, and is successfully used for chemical dependency and other habit management. It leads to deep self-knowledge and self-management skills that make life richer. The content of the practice is simply our own experiences of body and mind; one of my students says it gives you your “owner’s manual” for yourself. There is no ideology, so the practice is compatible with any other religious or self-development practices you do. Please wear loose clothing for comfort. The teaching is cumulative, so attendance at all meetings is most helpful.
  • Women's Heart Health (online)

    Do you know the symptoms of heart disease in women? Symptoms are different for women than men so many symptoms are ignored or go unrecognized. This is why heart disease is the #1 killer of women. You have the power to control, prevent and, in some cases, reverse heart disease. Learn all the things you need to know: signs, symptoms and risk factors of a heart attack; hormones and your heart; foods that can help prevent and reverse heart disease; nutrients that are particularly helpful for heart health; exercise and the four numbers you need to know that could save your life.