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  • Guardianship of Adults in Minnesota (young and/or older adults)

    We usually think of guardianship in situations where minor children lose their parents. However, there are many situations in which a guardianship for an adult may be necessary, for example where a disabled child turns 18 or when an elderly parent can no longer make decisions that are in his or her best interests. We will explore the process to have a guardian appointed by the court and discuss the safeguards that are in place to protect adults who may require a guardian.
  • Judaism on one Foot: Introduction to Jewish Belief and Practices

    When Yiddish words are part of American speech and bagels and lox are standard breakfast fare, Jewish culture has truly gone mainstream. But what are the beliefs, values, and religious traditions upon which the Jewish faith is based? How do Jews express that faith in their everyday lives? Come and learn from your Jewish neighbor, a fellow Minnesotan, who will explain what Jewish life is like. Presented by a volunteer from the Jewish Community Relations Council.
  • Rethinking Guardianship for Transition Age Young Adults with Disabilities: Is It Really Necessary?

    Commonly, parents of children with developmental disabilities are encouraged to seek guardianship when their child is approaching age 18. But that may be an overly restrictive intervention. Learn how Supported Decision Making, a nationally recognized option, can maximize self-determination while acknowledging concerns related to vulnerability for people with disabilities. This session will discuss approaches to respond to vulnerabilities as well as tips for discussions with families considering guardianship.During class we will: Explore reasons why families are often encouraged to seek guardianship when their child with disabilities turns eighteen and how to address concerns. Understand the benefits and potential downsides of guardianship. Describe decision making options for those with impaired decision capacity, including supported decision making. Presented by Volunteers of America - Minnestoa