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  • Craft Beer Backstage Pass: Bad Weather Brewery

    Do you enjoy craft beer and want to know how it goes from grain to glass? Already been on a few brewery tours, but like seeing how different breweries tackle all aspects of making, packaging, and selling craft beer? Do you want to hang out, sample different beer styles, and get your questions about brewing and our industry answered? This years CRAFT BEER BACKSTAGE PASS will take place at Bad Weather Brewing in St. Paul. It will begin with a tour of the facility. Covering everything from grains and hops to brewing equipment to quality control. See how we brew, package, and study our beers. Next we will try samples of many different styles of beer and discuss things such as the history of the style, common flavor profiles, and what makes them taste that way. Finally, the last portion of the day will be an open Q&A session. Get all of your questions answered. Brewing, distribution, running a taproom. Let us pull the curtain back on what we do for a living.
  • DIY Large Charcuterie Board

    Join us in making your own live-edge wood charcuterie board! Board will be 3 feet in length including the handle. A beautiful piece to use during gatherings. Class length may vary, beginner level, no prior experience necessary.
  • Fun with Epoxy

    Learn the basics of working with Epoxy. No artistic talent required! Decorate your own wall plaque, choose from several shapes (Minnesota, rectangle, heart and dragon). It's easy and fun to do. Kids (age 10+) also welcome, with an accompanying adult. Additional plaques or custom designs can be made in the same calls. Please contact us to arrange this. Feel free to bring any items from your home you might want to use to personalize it like sea shells or a heart shape to mark where you live, as these can be placed on the piece at the end when the epoxy is sticky. Epoxy needs to cure for 24 hours, so you will need to pick up your project a different day. Please Note: Additional plaques can be made in the same class for an additional $20 each. If you want a custom shape, the State of Texas for example, you must contact the instructor, Makerspace, in advance to make sure they can make your request. There will be an extra fee for custom shapes depending on the shape. Contact Makerspace at 651-245-6400 Project Pick Up. Epoxy needs to cure for 24 hours. You will need to pick up your project a different day. Students (age 10 - 15) also welcome, with accompanying adult.
  • Glass Mosaic Window or Table Lamp

    Glass mosaic sounds like a fancy, difficult art form. However in this class, you will learn how it can be fun and easy while creating a 20” x 25” four pane window, or a 4” x 9” or 8” x 8” lamp with colorful glass! There will be an idea book for you to look through, browse the patterns and stencils, and choose from dozens of colors of precut glass. The first night we will design and glue the glass to the project, the second night we will grout the finished project and learn about mosaics. Bring an old towel to the second night of class. There is a materials fee due at class to the instructor the first night of class. Window fee: $60 Lamp fee: $35
  • Glassblowing 102: Bud Vase

    This class is designed with the beginner in mind so that anyone can experience the art for themselves, no matter their skill level. We recommend taking the paperweight or succulent bowl class first, but it’s not a requirement. This project will help you build your glassblowing skills. This vase will teach the skills of gathering, adding color, blowing, shaping, stretching/lengthening your piece, and transferring and finishing a vessel form. Wear closed toe shoes, cotton clothing you can get dirty, and dress in layers as the studio can get quite warm. Please note: You will need to return at a later date to pick up your finished work.
  • Henna Art

    Discover the rich culture of henna. Henna is a dye prepared from leaves of a henna tree also known as Egyptian privet. Henna is temporary body art resulting from the staining of the skin from the dyes. After stains reach their peak color, they hold for a few days, then gradually wear off, typically within two to three weeks. Learn the basics of henna tattoos and practice them. The instructor will fill in or finish your henna design. All the materials will be provided.
  • Manitou Art & Craft Fair

    Looking for Artists, Artisans & Crafters! Do you sculpt, carve, weave, paint, draw, work with glass, pottery, photography or create in other mediums? Join us for our second artist fair as a part of Manitou Days. Most spaces will be outside of the Senior Center along the sidewalks and in the plaza area in front of the Normandy Park building. All items must be your original work and design. Prints of your work are allowed. Artists will be responsible their own sales, money / change, set up and clean up. Sale Hours Set Up: 11 am - 12 pm Sale: 1:00 - 7:00 pm Equipment Bring tables and chairs from home (or rent from us - see below) You must supply your own cash box with change. Bring your own beverages and food for the day. Tents are permitted. Rental: 12' x 12' = $30 (Tables are available for rent 8' table is $10, 4'x4' table is $5) Questions? Call 651-653-3121. NOTE: We reserve the right to exclude any individual based on their submittal.
  • Mosaic Bird Bath

    Create a colorful birdbath to entice birds to your yard. Decorate a terracotta saucer with mosaic tiles to suit your taste. It can then be placed on a wrought iron stand which can be purchased locally and is beautiful when completed. You will need to bring with you: A $25 supply fee due the day of class. A pair of rubber gloves (protect your hands from the pieces of glass) An old towel
  • Senior Center Crafts

    Join us for a craft at the Senior Center. JUNE & August - Introduction to Wood Burning: Learn the basics of pyrography. Several designs will be available to choose from or bring in your own image. Our piece of wood will be 11 x 6.5. JULY - Pounded Flower Art: Create a watercolor-esque picture by taking a hammer to flower petals. If you have a garden, bring in a few fresh flowers and leaves for pounding! They do not need to be perfect flowers and bright colors work best! AUGUST - Tranquil Birds: Paint three birds relaxing in a tree without the use of a paint brush or paint!
  • Sign Making - Intro to the CNC

    In this introductory class, you will learn the basics of programming the CNC, including design and toolpaths. Make your own sign using VCarve, walk through CNC setup/operation. You can get a free copy of VCarve to use at home.* Beginner level. Tools used: VCarve, CNC * The software is yours to keep, though it is keyed - your designs can only be carved at White Bear Makerspace.
  • Summer Painting with Vanessa

    ACRYLIC: Learn to create a unique, quick and expressive acrylic paintings. Working quickly allows colors to blend and brush strokes to show, creating dynamic results. Create a beautiful acrylic painting following step by step instructions all while learning about composition and color mixing. No experience is necessary and all supplies are included. WATERCOLOR: Paint a beautiful watercolor scene with step by step instructions and discussion on the techniques used in watercolor painting, such as, wet on wet and wet on dry. Students will paint and work together. This is a great, no fear way to learn to paint in watercolors even if you have no experience. All supplies are provided and each class can stand alone or take all to build even more skills. No experience needed. Step by step instruction. All supplies included. June Acrylic July Watercolor August Acrylic
  • Sunset Paint Date (Adult & Child)

    Enjoy a fun paint date! Experience a fun and relaxing environment with the challenge of a class guided by a professional artist. Each individual will work on a different side of a canvas at the same time with a partner. When the two sides join at the end of class, you will have one complete artwork. There is a $15 material fee due to the instructor the night of class.
  • The Audaciousness of Modern Art (online)

    New Online Class! Although many styles are encompassed by the term "Modern Art" -- it is characterized by: a rejection of history and conservative values; innovation and experimentation; and a tendency toward abstraction. This course explores the many "isms" of Modern Art and the artists who practiced in this genre.