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  • Beat Winter Blues

    If you or someone you know struggles with the winter blues, this class is for you! During the long winter some people experience a lower mood, less energy, and less motivation than warmer months. Luckily there are tools we can all use such as regular exercise, specific essential oils, maintaining our social plans and more! This class will provide you with a list of things to try as well as an opportunity to participate in group discussions around the topic of winter blues and maintaining a healthy mindset throughout the winter.
  • Elephant in the Room - Navigating Difficult Conversations with Aging Parents

    Get language and tools to help discuss the unique needs that come with aging parents including how and when to broach these weighty topics in a way that feels more approachable. Topics covered may include health care wishes, treatment options, grief and loss, living arrangements and more. The conversation will be guided by a health care worker experienced in end of life care who has navigated this road and the distinct challenges it can present with many patients and families as a hospice nurse case manager.
  • Stress Reduction Tools

    Are you wishing life felt less stressful? Are you interested in exploring therapeutic tools that are proven to help reduce stress? Explore stress management strategies you can do on your own that have been proven to help people feel more at ease from the day to day stresses in our lives. You will learn how stress affects the body, discover personal triggers or situations that increase stress, tools to combat difficult times, and prevent episodes of high stress. Everyone will have opportunities to practice multiple stress management strategies and explore which ones are the most beneficial for you.
  • Thyroid Things You Need To Know

    If you currently take thyroid medication but are still gaining weight and still have a variety of symptoms, there's more you need to know. Fatigue, weight gain, depression, anxiety, rising cholesterol levels, inability to focus, thinning hair, digestive problems, abnormal blood pressure, reduced sex drive, and heart palpitations are only some of the symptoms. In this workshop, we’ll discuss: how thyroid function can make any illness worse; the 5 things that need to be measured, but usually aren’t; why the #1 thyroid replacement may not be helping you; connection between thyroid, fibromyalgia and arthritis; foods that help or hinder; commonly misunderstood rules of how and when to take thyroid meds; environmental triggers and info you need to discuss with your doctor..