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  • Acupressure & Other Tools for Women 35+ (online)

    Acupressure is an ancient healing art that can offer great relief, with no side effects, from symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, bloating, headaches, irritability, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and even weight gain. Learn which points balance hormone levels naturally, including thyroid hormones. Acupressure is a wonderful self-help tool that will help you feel your best. We will discuss breathing techniques, nutritional musts, and more.
  • Becoming EcoWell: Crafting Your Blueprint for Healthy and Harmonious Living

    Discover how individual choices impact personal well-being and the environment in 'Becoming EcoWell.' Explore simple changes for a resilient internal and external environment. Uncover creative, sustainable solutions for a thriving future. Ideal for those curious about healing themselves, their family, and the world. Join us to explore personalized pathways to well-being that harmonize with a sustainable lifestyle."
  • Holiday Lunch at the Senior Center

    Join us for a holiday luncheon. The meals will be provided by Panera. Meal Choice: No Substitutes Deli Turkey Sandwich & Wild Rice Soup Ham Sandwich & Chicken Noodle Soup Mediterranean Veggie & Creamy Tomato Soup Each meal will come with a desert, coffee or water. Lunch Is possible thanks to a grant from the Vadnais Heights Area Community Foundation.
  • Improving Bladder Control

    Learn easy daily life changes, overall view of bladder function, and exercises to improve bladder and bowel incontinence. These simple changes and exercises have improved the quality of life for many people both male and female. The exercises that will be taught help benefit the pelvic floor, muscles, low back pain, balance, and circulation. Materials included: TheraBand, exercise ball, and handouts.
  • Posture & Osteoporosis: How to Build Better Bones (online)

    Have you ever caught sight of your reflection in a window or mirror to see that your head leads the way? Or noticed that your shoulders and upper back are too rounded forward? You’ll learn simple techniques to improve posture and stand straighter. We’ll do exercises to help flatten the upper back, un-round shoulders and flatten your midsection. Learn how to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and how to re-gain bone mass. We’ll discuss the latest research findings on nutrition, minerals and trace minerals needed for bone health; foods that help and/or harm your bones and more. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. You will need a resistance band or tube for some of the exercises.
  • Pre-Planning for the Inevitable

    Learn why pre planning your death is important, how it avoids unnecessary stress and confusion of what to do with your body and saves money during a traumatic time. How to choose providers and important details to think about and things to consider in helping to navigate the inevitable.
  • Timeline & Steps: Time of Death To Cremation & Burial

    A death has occurred... now what? Who do I call? Who should my family call? Do I have to be embalmed? Can I be placed in a cemetery if I choose cremation? Navigating the steps involved with the passing of a loved one can be difficult. Join us for a discussion and dialogue about the next steps after the final days.
  • Understanding Autism (online)

    According to the latest CDC figures, Autism affects 1 in 36 children. Each person on the Autism Spectrum has a family who cares for them and wants them to do well. This class is for you; the people who care for people on the Autism Spectrum or just want to understand Autism better. The first class will cover basic Autism Education and the second class will cover some things you can do in your everyday life to help remediate Autism.
  • Women, Weight & Hormones (online)

    Are you finding no matter how well you watch what you eat or how much you exercise that weight is not budging? Your inability to lose weight probably has more to do with hormone levels than anything else. Until any imbalances are corrected, trying to lose weight will be like shoveling sand against the tide. We’ll discuss concrete solutions (not tricks, not using your will power) for controlling appetite and cravings; simple things you can do every day to boost your metabolism; major sources of hormone mimicking chemicals and how to get rid of them; what HRT or birth control pills have to do with weight gain; how to have your hormone levels checked reliably; what steps need to be taken to safely break the vicious cycle of hormone related weight gain; and how to begin to lose weight again.