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  • ACT Preparatory Course

    Advantage Educational Programs gives students the option of preparing for the ACT exam in two different ways: the In-School ACT Preparatory Course or the Online ACT Preparatory Course. Both courses are designed for students who want to maximize their ACT exam score, as well as those who feel uneasy about their test-taking skills or who have taken the exam and aren't satisfied with their results. In-School ACT Preparatory Course This course consists of four, three-hour classes that meet one day each week at one of our many school locations. The course includes diagnostic testing, instruction in time management, overcoming test anxiety, science reasoning, English strategies and review, essay writing, reading comprehension, and math strategies and review. Students enrolled in these classes not only benefit from personal instruction taught by our experienced instructors, but also have free access to our online course. The fee for this course is $150, with all class materials included. Online ACT Preparatory Course This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend in-school classes or for a student preferring to prepare for the ACT exam on their own, and study at their desired pace. Once enrolled, students are sent an access code for their class via email and can begin preparing on or after the starting date of July 21st. The fee for this course is $60, and you may repeat the course at no charge until you graduate from high school.
  • Archery: Club

    Students Grades 2-12. Learn how to sight, stand, aim, shoot, and have fun in the sport of archery! There will be NASP approved archery equipment available for all to use. The season is December 7 - April 12 Practice: Monday's Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm Location: North Campus Cafeteria All students must be registered prior to starting. Due to social distance guidelines and limited capacity we ask that students are dropped off and picked up. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have parents/guardians attend the session.
  • Archery: Grades 3-8

    Cost: $275 Register now, pay later! $275 fee will be withdrawn on 11/13 Join our Archery community! Archery is more than just a sport. We will talk about goal setting, develop a strong sense of community, create friendships, use problem solving skills and enhance focus and determination. This program is for students in grades 3-8. Based on current guidance, this program will be practice only (no tournaments). If tournaments become available, they will be offered at an additional charge. Fee includes practice and a t-shirt Due to social distance guidelines and limited capacity we ask that students are dropped off and picked up. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have parents/guardians attend the session.
  • COR Robotics Kit Rental (Grades 3-10)

    NEW! This camp provides an awesome opportunity to keep your child engaged, entertained and challenged! How the camp works: We will rent out your choice of the following kits: EV3 Lego Mindstorms Kit (Grades 3-8) Tetrix Prime Robotics Kit (Grades 5-10) CoDrone Programmable Drone Kit (you will get two kits) (Grades 3-10) - Requirements to run the camp in your home: computer, internet access and tablet/smart phone (optional) - Once you register, a link to your digital curriculum will be shared via email from COR Robotics. Curriculum package includes objectives and will guide your child as they build/program their robot/drone to accomplish challenges. COR Robotics will reach out to you for drop off/pick-up information. - Your kit will be dropped off at a pre-determined location (you will be contacted by COR Robotics via email/Phone). - At the end of the rental period, your kit will be picked up from a pre-determined location (you will be contacted by COR Robotics via email/Phone). - Before receiving your kit, the kit and its components will be sanitized. - For questions regarding curriculum please contact
  • Coding Club

    Cost: $90 Register now and pay later! Payment will be withdrawn two weeks before class begins Coding is an invaluable skill in today’s world. It can open amazing opportunities and set youtj up for success. In this on-line Coding Club with live teachers, students will learn coding skills in a fun and easy way. We offer 4 levels of coding (each level consists of 6 sessions): Level 1: In this introductory class, students will learn how to handle user input, deal with motion and direction, and use their own creativity to design their own characters. Level 2: Students will continue building on their knowledge of clock programming. They will learn about random motion, basic loops, and conditionals all while creating their own game. Level 3: Students will deepen their knowledge of loops and conditionals, while learning about variables and game design techniques. Level 4: Students are introduced to more intermediate concepts. They will learn how to use random number elements, collision detection, and gravity.
  • Do-At-Home Art Kits

    Are you looking for an art kit to complete at home!? Look no further! Select 2 or 3 kits from the selection below and have them shipped straight to your home! Kits can also be sent to a different address as gifts! Create clay creations, Picasso Portraits, Canvas artwork, glow in the dark designs and more! For a full list of available options (20+) click HERE. Orders ship on Wednesday's & Friday's. Orders placed Friday-Tuesday will ship on Wednesday. Orders places on Wednesday/Thursday will ship on Friday.
  • Driver's Education: A+ Driving School

    Important: Classes beginning September 2020 will continue online. Students may start classroom driving lessons at age 14, take the Knowledge Test and obtain their Instruction Permit at age 15, and take the Road Test and obtain their Provisional License at age 16. To be eligible to take the Road Test, students must have had their Instruction Permit for a minimum of six months. The Driver's Education Program is divided into two phases: Classroom Phase - teleconference This phase includes the required 30 hours of classroom instruction that prepares the student to take the Minnesota permit test and to take on the responsibility of driving. Classes are offered at North Campus. If a lesson is missed, a make-up lesson can be arranged with the office at either the next White Bear session or at another of A+'s locations. Behind-the-Wheel Phase After students pass the permit test, they are required to complete six hours of driving lessons. The lessons are provided in three, two-hour lessons. The lessons are one-on-one instruction with instructors licensed through the MN Dept. of Public Safety. Students can be picked up from and dropped off at home, school or work. Detailed information about scheduling the behind-the-wheel lessons will be provided. Parent Involvement A+ Driving School is proud to offer a parent informational meetings in White Bear Lake. This is open to ANYONE at any stage of the licensing process. It is an enjoyable 90 minute meeting that will cover the following information and make your student the safest driver possible. * GDL Process and Licensing * Accident Avoidance * A+ Driving School’s classroom policies and BTW scheduling * Parental Guidelines * Insurance Rates and Discounts. **Attending this class will meet the requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50, to 40 hours.** Click Here for Schedule Fees $375 per student includes classroom instruction, materials and behind-the-wheel training. Permit and road exam fees are not included. NEW PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS: Option 1: 1 payment of $375 Option 2: 2 payments of $187.50 (automatic deduction) Option 3: 3 payments of $125 (automatic deduction) *Can't Make Every Lesson? If you miss a lesson, you are responsible for making up that exact lesson number. You can attend any A+ classroom or any community education program to make up a missed lesson. Please email the day before so we can add the student to the attendance roster. If I'm late for a class or need to leave early, is that okay? We cannot allow students into the classroom more than five minutes late. You cannot leave early from a class. If you need to miss a class for any reason, that’s fine. We have plenty of opportunities for you to make up the class. Disclaimer: This contract expires 2 years from the first day of classroom training or when the student turns 18, whichever occurs first. All classes and BTW lessons must be completed before the expiration date. The Driver's Education program is offered as a package (classroom instruction & behind the wheel lessons) and cannot be separated. Teleconference Class Link Your confirmation email with contain class link access
  • Guitar Lessons 1.0: Online

    Register now and pay later! Payment will be withdrawn two weeks prior to class Guitar 1.0- Beginner Take up a brand new instrument this summer and learn basic chords, notes, and maybe even some famous rock solos. Students will need to purchase the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1. It can found at and other online outlets. Please note: Due to instructor availability the date for this class has changed. Class dates are Tuesdays 10/20-12/15 (no class on 11/24) 4:15-5:15pm
  • Science Explorers STEM Kits

    Check out the variety of wonderful stem kits, shipped directly to you! All costs include shipping Stem Kit 1: States of Matter/Flight/Electromagnet $37 (includes shipping) Have fun with three STEM topics...chemistry, aerospace, and electricity. First, your budding scientist will explore the three most common states of Matter in our environment: a solid, liquid, and a gas. While working through these experiments, you will discover the four forces that allow planes and rockets to fly: thrust, drag, weight, and lift. You will use a paratrooper to investigate drag, a disk launcher to explore lift, and more while you experiment with these forces during the fun activities. Then, you will build and test an electromagnet and learn how the electromagnetic field was first discovered. Stem Kit 2: pH Testing and Art Bot $39 (includes shipping) Have fun with two STEM and chemistry with pH. Take your first steps into engineering by designing and building your own Art-Bot. These fun and silly robots are popular with both children and adults. The fun begins as you use the Activity Guide, with detailed picture instructions, to build your Art-Bot with a motor, battery holder, and more! Then, give your robot a personality with the craft supplies included in the kit. This STEM kit is not just is hands-in Stem Kit 3: Slime and Catapults $42 (includes shipping) Have fun with two hands-on STEM topics...Slime and Catapults. In this DIY kit, you will first investigate the chemical reaction that creates slime. Mix up your own batches of Glow, Silky and Floam Slimes as you discover why slime is delightfully bouncy, stretchy and gooey. Then, build three different catapults to examine how levers, energy, and Newton's Laws of Motion all work together as you fling ping-pong balls while practicing your launching and aiming skills. Stem Kit 4: Young Inventors $70 (includes shipping) The Young Inventors Kit is a child's first step into tinkering and inventing. You don’t need to have gray hair and wrinkles to be an inventor. Children are natural inventors and are curious and imaginative all on their own. Did you know that a child invented the popsicle or that a 16 year old invented the trampoline? Encourage your child's tinkering spirit with this fun and engaging kit as they build an electrical circuit and learn about pneumatics. Your child will be designing, building, and creating for hours on end. They may just invent the next "big thing". Kit comes with supplies and a detailed lesson guide. Recommended Ages: 8+ working with an adult. 12+ working under adult supervision