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  • 3D Printing & CAD: Online

    New Projects this semester! This 3D printing camp takes students through the 3D printing process from start to finish. Students will design 3D objects using TinkerCAD (online web app), and use the 3D slicing program Cura to bring their creations to life. This course serves as an excellent introduction to 3D printing and is ideal for students who like to draw, design, imagine and see their creations come to life. Students will be designing 1-2 objects, and the 3D print will be mailed home. No experience is necessary, but familiarity with doing common tasks using a computer and keyboarding is required. Additional Technical Requirement: Cura (free download)
  • 5th Grade Learn to Ski day!

    Calling all 5th grade students! Come and join us for a non-school day trip to Wild Mountain on Monday, January 14th, 2022 The price includes*: Transportation, lift ticket, rental (helmet included), and a lesson PICK UP SITES: You may choose Otter Elementary or Oneka Elementary for the bus: Bus Departs Otter 7:40am, Oneka 8:10am Bus Returns Oneka 3:00pm, Otter 3:30pm Students must ride their assigned bus to and from the hill. Switching between buses will not be allowed. Parent/Guardian chaperones are welcome and needed! If you're interested in chaperoning, please sign up below. Chaperones must be: 21 years or older. Pass a background check Able to commit to the whole day Available from 7:30am pm until approximately 3:30pm Specific chaperone duties include checking students onto the bus, riding to and from the hill on the bus, staying until all students have been picked-up, and overseeing student behavior on the trip. Chaperones are required to check with the safety patrol while on duty. Information will be provided. SKi with small group of students Chaperones will be given a free lift ticket, and bus transportation *Please plan on bringing a bagged lunch All students and chaperones will be required to wear a helmet. No helmet, no lift ticket! All students will use rental equipment, please do not bring your own (unless you are an adult chaperone)
  • ACT Preparatory Course

    Advantage Educational Programs gives students the option of preparing for the ACT exam in a variety of ways: the In-School ACT Preparatory Course or the Online ACT Preparatory Course. Courses are designed for students who want to maximize their ACT exam score, as well as those who feel uneasy about their test-taking skills or who have taken the exam and aren't satisfied with their results. We offer the following class options: In-School ACT Preparatory Course $150 This course consists of four, three-hour classes that meet one day each week at one of our many school locations. The course includes diagnostic testing, instruction in time management, overcoming test anxiety, science reasoning, English strategies and review, essay writing, reading comprehension, and math strategies and review. Students enrolled in these classes not only benefit from personal instruction taught by our experienced instructors, but also have free access to our online course. The fee for this course is $150, with all class materials included. Online ACT Preparatory Course - At your own pace! $60 This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend in-school classes or for a student preferring to prepare for the ACT exam on their own, and study at their desired pace. The fee for this course is $60, and you may repeat the course at no charge until you graduate from high school. Live Virtual ACT Preparatory Course - Synchronous Learning $150 This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend an in-school class, but still prefers the interaction with one of the Advantage instructors. The Virtual ACT Prep Course is the same as the In-School ACT Prep Course, but from the comfort of your own home. The instructors teach live via virtual classroom and are available to answer questions if needed. The fee for this course is $150 and the only things you need are an internet connection and a computer/tablet/smart phone.
  • Archery: Club

    Students Grades 2-12. Learn how to sight, stand, aim, shoot, and have fun in the sport of archery! There will be NASP approved archery equipment available for all to use. The season is Dec 13 - May 2nd Practice: Monday's Time: 6:00-8:00pm Location: North Campus Cafeteria All students must be registered prior to starting. Due to social distance guidelines and limited capacity we ask that students are dropped off and picked up. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have parents/guardians attend the session. New participants: Join our open house on October 7th! Click here to sign up (registration required) To allow an opportunity for new participants to attend the open house, registration for archery will open October 8th.
  • Archery: Competitive Grades 3-8

    Cost: $350 Join our Archery community! Archery is more than just a sport. We will talk about goal setting, develop a strong sense of community, create friendships, use problem solving skills and enhance focus and determination. This program is for students in grades 3-8 that wish to compete in archery competitions. Fee includes practice, 5 tournaments, and a team t-shirt Season Dates: Dec 7 - March 31 Due to social distance guidelines and limited capacity we ask that students are dropped off and picked up. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have parents/guardians attend the session. New participants: Join our open house on October 7th! Click here to sign up (registration required) To allow an opportunity for new participants to attend the open house, registration for archery will open October 8th.
  • Art Attack

    Art Attack will be a great way to not only create interesting and unique art pieces, but it also provides an opportunity to explore new ways of making art. All of the projects can be replicated at your own home but warning! IT MIGHT GET MESSY!
  • BearScare Fun Run Bootcamp

    Join this week long camp to have fun while getting prepared for the Annual BearScare Run @ Otter Lake Elementary on Saturday on October 30th!
  • CSI Discovery

    Welcome new recruits! It is your job to discover what happened to Jerry using forensic tools! You will learn fingerprint analysis, learning height through wingspan, dusting for fingerprints, and much more...all to solve a mystery! Help us learn what happened to Jerry and put his skeleton back together.
  • Central Breakfast Club

    Is your child an early riser? Do you live out of district and are looking for an option for your child before work and school? Want a safe space for your student to get ready for the day? This is the club for them! Breakfast Club will run Monday-Thursday mornings at both middle schools for 6-8th grade students. This club will provide students with an opportunity hang out with friends, finish up any assignments, participate in fun, hands-on activities, and prepare for their day ahead. Space is limited, and registration is required. 7:45-9:00am $120/session (equivalent of $5/day) Session dates: Sept - Oct: 9/13-10/28, no class week of 10/18. $120 Nov - Dec 11/1-12/16, no class week of 11/22 (registration available September 15) $110
  • Cheer Camp!

    Cheerleaders will learn and practice the foundational skills of cheerleading! Learn White Bear Lake cheers practicing words and motions, practice tumbling skills such as cartwheels and handstands, work on jumps like toe touches, and be introduced to beginning stunts!
  • Child & Babysitting Safety Class

    The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program from the American Safety and Health Institute gives everything you need to know for safe and successful babysitting. The YouTube “vlogger” style presentation of the video brings a youthful and high-energy spirit to the program content, and the colorful magazine format of the student book makes learning fun. From getting started with your business, to working with parents and children, to key safety, caregiving, and first aid tips, CABS will help set you up for babysitting success. Students must be present for the entire class and complete achievement of the core learning objectives to receive certification valid for two years. Instructor provides baby dolls, bottles, diaper supplies for skills participation. Students attend this class independently. Parents are encouraged to review the take home information and discuss it with their child.
  • Claylicious with Kidcreate Studio

    Sculpt, slab, coil, and carve… roll up your sleeves, because this class is all clay, all the time! We’ll sculpt silly puppies, fuzzy hedgehogs, a chocolate layer cake that looks good enough to eat, and more. This is your chance to use tons of air-dry clay, Model Magic®, and so much more as you have a totally claylicious time!
  • Club Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward is and expression for describing the act of repaying a good deed to others instead of the person that did the original good deed. In this club we will learn ways of spreading kindness forward. We will be changing the world with one small act of kindness at a time! Snack will be included.
  • Creative Movement for Preschoolers with Children's Performing Arts

    Fly like a bird, melt like the snow, sail on a pirate ship! Do all these and more as we explore the many ways our bodies can move and tell a story. Children will develop large and fine motor skills, as well as coordination, rhythm and teamwork while being encouraged to explore expression through movement and the thrill of improvisation. Join us for the fun! This class is for children between the ages of 4 and 6 (if child cannot use bathroom independently parent/guardian must stay on premises).
  • Driver's Education: A+ Driving School

    Students may start classroom driving lessons at age 14, take the Knowledge Test and obtain their Instruction Permit at age 15, and take the Road Test and obtain their Provisional License at age 16. To be eligible to take the Road Test, students must have had their Instruction Permit for a minimum of six months. The Driver's Education Program is divided into two phases: Classroom Phase - teleconference/in-person This phase includes the required 30 hours of classroom instruction that prepares the student to take the Minnesota permit test and to take on the responsibility of driving. If a lesson is missed, a make-up lesson can be arranged with the office at either the next White Bear session or at another of A+'s locations. Behind-the-Wheel Phase After students pass the permit test, they are required to complete six hours of driving lessons. The lessons are provided in three, two-hour lessons. The lessons are one-on-one instruction with instructors licensed through the MN Dept. of Public Safety. Students can be picked up from and dropped off at home, school or work. Detailed information about scheduling the behind-the-wheel lessons will be provided. Parent Involvement A+ Driving School is proud to offer a parent informational meetings in White Bear Lake. This is open to ANYONE at any stage of the licensing process. It is an enjoyable 90 minute meeting that will cover the following information and make your student the safest driver possible. * GDL Process and Licensing * Accident Avoidance * A+ Driving School’s classroom policies and BTW scheduling * Parental Guidelines * Insurance Rates and Discounts. **Attending this class will meet the requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50, to 40 hours.** Click Here for Schedule Fees $395 per student includes classroom instruction, materials and behind-the-wheel training. Permit and road exam fees are not included. PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS: Option 1: 1 payment of $395 Option 2: First payment $100, second installment $295 (automatic deduction) Option 3: First payment $100, second installment $147.50 (automatic deduction) All payments must be processed prior to the start of class. Can't Make Every Lesson? If you miss a lesson, you are responsible for making up that exact lesson number. You can attend any A+ classroom or any community education program to make up a missed lesson. Please email the day before so we can add the student to the attendance roster. If I'm late for a class or need to leave early, is that okay? We cannot allow students into the classroom more than five minutes late. You cannot leave early from a class. If you need to miss a class for any reason, that’s fine. We have plenty of opportunities for you to make up the class. Disclaimer: This contract expires 2 years from the first day of classroom training or when the student turns 18, whichever occurs first. All classes and BTW lessons must be completed before the expiration date. The Driver's Education program is offered as a package (classroom instruction & behind the wheel lessons) and cannot be separated. Teleconference Class Link Your confirmation email with contain class link access Class Times Virtual classes are 4-7pm or 6:15-9:15pm, Winter break offers 9:30-12:30pm or 12:45-3:45pm (you may choose which time you attend and can switch as needed), or 4-7pm (12/22 & 12/23 only) In-person classes are 3:15-6:15pm
  • Energy Engineers

    Are you passionate about saving the earth? Do you seek a career in sustainable energy? Come and join us for the opportunity to learn about different careers in sustainability. We will cover 3 progressive fields including Wind energy, Solar technology and Geo-Thermal/ Hydroelectric. We will also be building your very own solar panel!
  • Extreme Coding: Super Snake

    Make an interactive games using Scratch. We will show students how to put code blocks together and recreate the classic video game snake. This course will cover the fundamental coding concepts like sequencing, conditionals, variables, and more. Additional Tech Requirement: PC/Laptop needed. Will not work on chromebook, tablets or phones.
  • Game Coding: Mario Kart

    Learn the fundamentals of coding with Scratch by creating a Nintendo theme game. Inspore your student to pursue today's most exciting technologies. Scratch uses colorful, visual blocks that fit togetehr like lego. Additonal tech requirement: PC/Laptop needed. Will not work on chromebook, tablet or phones
  • Glitz & Dazzle

    Do you love art and things that dazzle and sparkle? This is the camp for you! We’ll draw, paint, and collage; make a sparkling paper maché project; sculpt a glittery clay project; and make cool accessories to wear, among other dazzling projects. Along the way we’ll listen to music, paint our nails, and spend time hanging out.
  • Grandmasters of Chess Fall

    New and returning students invited. Learn, Practice and Play chess each class. The {YEL!} Teach It!…Practice It!...Play It! method keeps students on track with new chess lessons and puzzles each week as well as guided games and in-class tournaments. Class fee includes membership for the session ($49 annual value)!
  • Kids Goo Factory

    Let your child discover the messier side of art. We will mix up a batch of finger paint and other messy concoctions. Making a mess is the best, especially when you leave the mess with us! Be prepared your child may get dirty during camp. Camp time will include snack.
  • MN Swordplay Fencing

    Whatever you are looking for in the sport of fencing there is something for everyone! Fencing is a vigorous sport that develops stamina, quick reactions, speed, accuracy of movement and excellent coordination. More than a game fencing requires a mental attitude of self-discipline involving total manipulation of mind and body in perfect harmony. It utilizes natural body movement to create simple and effective self-protection techniques with the sword. All participants are encouraged to have fun no matter what their ability. Attacking, defense, timing and intense tactics are all integrated into this beginning class. Whether you're fencing for a good work out, or gaining points for the Olympics, fencing is fun for the whole family. We provide everything needed to fence (mask, jacket, glove, and weapon). Fencers need only to come dressed comfortably (for freedom of movement) including long sweat pants and running shoes.
  • Mindfulness YOGA

    Bring balance and refreshment into the life of your young one, courtesy of Morning Mindfulness Yoga. Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They will also learn various asanas (yoga poses), vinyasas (yoga movements) and practice fun and challenging individual and partner poses.
  • Mix & Match Science

    Do you love to color? Mix ingredients to make something new? If you answered yes, this is the camp for you! We will create art, cooking activities, and make some things explode! Become a mix and match scientist!