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  • Let’s Probate an Actual Minnesota Estate

    In this class we will walk-thru (in depth) an actual Minnesota Probate Estate from the filing of the Application for Probate to the Final Accounts . . . and all the steps in between. Class participants will learn the entire process with current forms, Court and filing requirements, accounting and procedural steps, as well as the procedures for the sale and distribution of estate assets. We will also discuss the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of a person who is appointed as the Executor/Personal Representative. The class will be filled with real-life examples and solutions to the multitude of issues involving a typical (or not typical) Minnesota Probate Estate. This class encourages questions: Is there a “reading of the Will”? What about personal items? Does the Executor get paid? What about estate bills and creditors? We will provide the answers.
  • Keeping the Cabin, Farm or Business in the Family (Online)

    The division of Mom and Dad’s estate can lead to bitter battles between children and even grandchildren and impact their relationships forever. When the next generation deals with these important family legacy asset questions and issues often arise: Who will pay the taxes? What if one family member uses it more or does all the work? Who pays for what? How can I ensure my children receive equal inheritance? What effect will estate taxes have? Get the answers to these and other questions and learn how to keep a cabin, business, farm, or other important family legacy property in the family without driving the family apart.
  • How to Pay for the Nursing Home - (Online)

    We all come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing. We have all heard this. The biggest fear for most baby boomers is how to pay for the nursing home and still leave the next generation something. With ever changing estate planning laws and great increases in nursing home costs the fear is real. In today’s world, you need to understand what your options are. Is long-term care insurance for you? What about home care? Should I gift my money away? Would I qualify Medicaid? What about my current Trust, does it avoid the nursing home? What is the 60-month claw back? What if my spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts our money? We will walk through these questions and many more, including how to plan and place your assets to meet your nursing home goals.