Personal Renewal Workshop: Self-Care 101

Do you want to reconnect with who you are? Are you interested in new ideas for self-renewal and life balance? If you find yourself saying YES to these questions, then consider joining a Personal Renewal Workshop. This two-hour retreat is a group life-coaching program for people at all stages of life. Topics will include the transformative power of self-care, managing your energy, saying “no” and asking for help.

The workshop provides the opportunity to connect, relate and learn from others, plus give you the time and space to connect with yourself through soul-searching journaling exercises. The goal of the workshop is to have you leave feeling renewed and motivated to use the self-care techniques to cultivate your own practice at home.

1647.310 Closed
South Campus High School : Media Center
Monday, Apr 22
6:30 - 8:30 PM


$ 35.00
per person

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