FLEX at Sunrise

FLEX After School Programming is now FREE!

Have your middle school student stay after school in a supervised setting. In additional to hanging out with friends, we can provide academic support, enrichment classes, recreation time, that may include time in the gym or outside, services and leadership and field trip opportunities on non-school days. Students can come Monday-Thursday or just when they need to. At the end of FLEX each day, students can transport themselves home, be picked up by a parent or ride the Activity Bus home after FLEX. See the Activity Bus Schedule to find a stop near your home! Activity Bus Schedule

Contact us for more information at 651-407-7511.

Sunrise Middle School : Cafeteria
Mon-Thu, Sep 4 - May 30
3:00 - 5:00 PM

  No Class Oct 8, Oct 18, Nov 19-Nov 22, Dec 24-Dec 27, Dec 31-Jan 1, Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 18, Mar 11-Mar 14, Apr 8 & May 27


Full - waiting list

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