MN Swordplay Fencing

Whatever you are looking for in the sport of fencing there is something for everyone! Fencing is a vigorous sport that develops stamina, quick reactions, speed, accuracy of movement and excellent coordination. More than a game fencing requires a mental attitude of self-discipline involving total manipulation of mind and body in perfect harmony. It utilizes natural body movement to create simple and effective self-protection techniques with the sword. All participants are encouraged to have fun no matter what their ability. Attacking, defense, timing and intense tactics are all integrated into this beginning class. Whether you're fencing for a good work out, or gaining points for the Olympics, fencing is fun for the whole family. We provide everything needed to fence (mask, jacket, glove, and weapon). Fencers need only to come dressed comfortably (for freedom of movement) including long sweat pants and running shoes.

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  Maria Benford

  Central Middle School : Gym A


  Oct 28 - Dec 9
  1:00 - 2:00 pm

  No Class Nov 25

Ages   5 yr. - 100 yr.

$ 75.00
per person

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